Mortgage PreFlight - Get Your Credit Scores Now

Mortgage PreFlight - Check Your Credit Now


Mortgage PreFlight Puts You in Control of Your Credit Report

Mortgage PreFlight® is a mortgage prequalification system that allows you to decide who has access to your credit report. You gain critical privacy and data security safeguards which help protect you and your family from identity theft. PreFlight is the industry “Best Practice” method for initiating a mortgage transaction; providing security safeguards not available elsewhere. You now have the ability to instantly access your credit data including all three of your FICO® scores – The actual scores your mortgage lender will use to approve and price your home loan.

Protect Your Confidential Information

Identity theft experts agree; divulging personal data, including your social security number, can lead to data breaches and identity theft resulting in financial ruin. PreFlight’s advanced security features allow you to control the release of your personal information, while providing you instant-access to critical credit data needed to help you qualify for the best rates and terms available.
With PreFlight, you now know if a lender can help you before going through the hassle of sending all your tax returns, pay stubs, W-2’s, bank statements and other personal information.

Mortgage PreFlight benefits include:

  • Keep credit card balances low (less than 20% of limit)
  • Don’t close unused credit cards.
  • Don’t open any new credit cards or installment loans.
  • Don’t pay any collections without first talking with your mortgage professional (in many cases, it can result in a lowering of your FICO scores.)


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Garbage in, Garbage Out

Errors are far too common on credit files. Many of these problems are a direct result of poor data entry. A simple typo can make the lending process far more difficult, or result in a denial. With Mortgage Preflight you control the data. The result is fewer errors and a faster, easier lending process.

What to Do Before Applying for a Loan.

Pay your bills on time, if you have missed a payment get current and stay current.

  • Instant access to your Mortgage Preflight report. A mortgage-specific summary of your credit report including your three FICO scores.
  • Direct Authentication confirms your identity, providing critical privacy and security safeguards.
  • PreFlight is the least expensive way to obtain the actual credit scores that will be used in the lending decision.
  • Identify opportunities to quickly (often within 48 hours) improve your credit scores resulting in better rates.

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